Woodworking Biography:  My woodworking interest began as a child watching my dad build furniture and artistic items that were displayed throughout the house.  Eventually, I built some of my own furniture.  The first turned project was done on his Sears Craftsman lathe with a 4 jaw independently adjustable chuck.  It was a complete chess set made from Maple.  I still have these pieces.  In junior high, I took every shop class possible.  Printing, drafting, electronics, industrial crafts and of course wood.  Hobbies seemed to be the glue that bound our family.  I used to turn on a ShopSmith given to me by my father-in-law.  Although inadequate as a real lathe,  It seems to work just well enough for me to get along.  In some ways, I am challenged by it to produce the best quality from a marginal piece of equipment.  I still produce products from wood in all shapes from time to time.  I now have a General lathe I purchased used from a former member of the club.  Woodturning has its challenges and continues to interest me with its complexity, simplicity and beauty.

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Twisted Circle
Maple and Padauk
810 pieces
August 2023

Seven Rings-Seven Points 16" diameter
Maple with Walnut base.  3,388 pieces
April 2023  first place winner in the Orange County Fair

9 layers of 34 segments
Maple, Walnut, Padauk, Zebra, Rosewood, Osage Orange
1633 pieces
June 2023

Mitered Vase #2
Maple. Wenge, Oak, Black Walnut,Canary wood, January 23

Mitered Vase
Maple, Holly, Bloodwood, Black Walnut, Ebony, December 2022

Parabolic saucer #2 
Walnut, June 2022

Maple and Walnut
December 2017

Parabolic saucer #1 
Tulipwood, June 2022

Lattice Vase
Maple and Walnut
April 2018

Open Segment Pot
Maple & Walnut April 2017

Slotted Vase
Walnut April 2017

Maple & Ebony
September 2016


Yellowheart & Walnut
June 2016

Segmented Ribbon, using stave construction
Walnut, Paduck, Maple February 2016

June 2016

Fire and Ice January 2016 47 rows, 40 pieces per row
Yellowheart and Bloodwood

Maple and Walnut first project using Stave construction  January 2016

Maple & Ebony Jewelry Box
October 2015

Maple & Ebony Jewelry Box (Bubinga Inside)
October 2015

Paduck, Walnut, Holly & Ebony
May 2015

August 2014 Spiral Rainbow Bowl II

August 2014 Spiral Rainbow Bowl

February 2015

July 2014 Segmented Maple Hollow Sphere

May 2014  Walnut & Maple Open
Segmented Sculpture, OC Fair 2014

February 2014 Cocobolo, Ebony Maple, Walnut Spiral

February 2014, Padouk, Yellowheart, Bamboo, Maple, Zebrawood, Ebony, Rosewood, Red Locust, Cocobolo and Tulipwood.

October 2013 Tulipwood & Yellowheart

November 2012

Ebony, Maple, Paduck
January 2014

September 2012 Tulipwood Open Segment

February 2012 Maple & Cocobolo

Cherry, Walnut, Purpleheart Padauk & Maple
September 10

Walnut & Maple
July 2011

English Sycamore, Walnut, Bloodwood, Mahogany
10" diameter and height
August 09  Contest winner March 10

Norfolk Island Pine
May 09

10" Mahogany, Ebony & Maple
December 08

16" Mahogany, Ebony & Maple
October 08

Cribbage board, Mahogany, Walnut, Cocobolo, Maple, Tulipwood, Wenge
May 08

Christmas Ornament
Contest winner
December 07

Cocobolo & Ebony



Segmented pot
December 07

Ebony, Maple, Walnut

13" tall Ebony, Maple & Tulipwood
May 08

Sugar Bowl
July 2003
Maple & Walnut

April 04

Ebony with Cocobolo Trim


2014 Jewelry box Maple Segmented curved sides
OC fair 2014

2014 Jewelry box Maple Segmented curved sides
OC fair 2014

last updated 08/18/2023