Quickbooks and California Sales Taxes.

One of my clients uses the desktop version of Quickbooks and sells a product throughout Californa.

There are 58 counties in Californa and hundreds of individual tax district with special rates.  Anyone who has filed sales taxes sees these districts.  Most of the time, unless special rules apply, if you ship to a customer residing within one of these districts, you must charge sales tax at that rate and forward the taxes collected to the state and identify the district.

To that end, I have created a Sales Tax Inventory Item for every one of the district that charge at a rate above the state base rate of 7.25%

In quickbooks, All you would need to do is set your customer to that tax district and say Tax code "Tax" and that rate would then apply to each sales invoice of taxable items.

At the end of the month, simply run the sales tax liability reports to help in the filing and payments.

What I am offering to anybody interested is the update program, the data file, and each quarter when there are changes, I would email you the updated file for you to process.  My charge for this would be $250.00 initally and $25/Quarter there after.

If you are interested, We would deal with this by payment through PayPal.


Contact me at Craigs@sobelsoftware.com