Watch out for this scam.

If you purchased a membership in Vidanta resorts in Mexico or anywhere else, you may be approached buy a broker from a company in Las Vegas call Camexus ( or that they have a buyer called  Travel Smart Vacations sa de cv.  They claim this company is a Mexican corporation that is owned by Expedia and this may be true.  They will tell you that they are acquiring rights to your membership and will pay you a substantial sum of money in the neighborhood of $35,000.

The scam continues.  They will tell you that Vidanta will not willingly allow you to sell your membership to a company and that you need to file a compaint with Profeco.  This is the Mexico consumer protection agency.  Profeco will contact you after you file this complaint.  They will tell you that they have judged your complaint valid and will ask you to hire a lawyer to get a court order in Mexico.  Profeco charges 10% of the deal to obtain the order.  If you send them the money, The broker will reimburse you this fee and you may also be able to have Travel Smart vacations provide you a copy of a check as proof of their willingness to reimburse you.  Also you may get all kinds of written guarantees from Camexus.

Camexus will ask you for wire transfer information and tell you to open a new bank account so as not to provide any potential risk to your money.  The next part is that Travel smart will wire the money to some kind of bank as a US intermediary.  Mine was called Philadelphia Overseas bank ( is the domain they used),  the bank will contact you and tell you that the money has arrived and will give you a login so you can see the money there but since you are a US citizen, they cannot release the money until you pay the Mexico income tax on the sale of your membership.  This turns out to be about 20%.  The money Travel smart has deposited includes the Profeco fee and the taxes so you believe you will be reimbursed for all of it.  Then you will get wire instructions to send the tax money to the SAT which is the mexican IRS.  The SAT will contact you with the wire instruction.

If you should do all of this, once the wire has cleared, all of the phone numbers,.  Camexus, Philadelphia Overseas bank, Profeco, SAT and Travel Smart Vacations no longer work.  Even the Profeco agency person who provided his badge no longer answers the phone.  I even contacted the bank BBVA which the Profeco check was drawn upon to verify funds.  Several weeks later you may get yet another call from Philadelphia Overseas bank saying everything is good, we had trouble sending the wire and since that was the case, there is a surcharge due of 5% of the wire.  At this point you should know the entire deal is a scam and to refuse to send this.  At which point the broker will call saying the buyer will reimburse you this surcharge.  Don't believe them.  Everything is a scam.

In the grand scheme of things, Its about $11,000 I am out.  And I feel like a fool.  Sure, I still have my Vidanta membership which costs me nothing.  Its a great resort in Puerto Vallarta.  These people committed many felony's  Impersonating Mexican government employees, 2 counts,  Wire Fraud,  US Banking Fraud.  Eventually they might be caught.

I am putting this out there because as I was investigating each of these places, Profeco, Camexus, The bank. I found nothing that screamed scam just a few minor warning signs.  I couldn't find anything about a Mexico Luxury tax of 20%.  The web site for the bank was kind of lame.  Much of the graphics were stolen right off of the Profeco site and the SAT sites.  The Mexican government should investigate who is grifting and pretending to be them. When I asked for a copy of the court order, they never sent it.  All of the scam warnings I had read involved sending fees to the broker not to government agencies.  And the government agencies looked pretty good.  Oops.

Perhaps this web page will be found when others are checking out this claim.  Most likely new names will be used instead.
this was the ID the Profeco person sent me.